Tradies or Builders Trailers – Why your business needs one

Tradesman trailers aren’t just for the local market, although they do a great job transporting and displaying multiple products, turning an allotment hobby into a mobile farm shop. The affordable solution for thousands of businesses Enclosed trailers or tradesman trailers fit most businesses looking to expand into more distant markets. They work for startups – […]

Buying a Car Trailer: This is What You Need to Know About the Laws in Queensland

When buying a car trailer there are a number of things to consider. While specifications such as payload, suspension, wheels and tires etc. are extremely important, these specific questions are best answered by a dealer, who can make recommendations based on the vehicle you intend to tow, the terrain involved and the vehicle you intend […]

Tips for Buying Off Road Box Trailers

You might be looking at purchasing a box trailer, with the specific intention of going off road. You might be using it for camping or you may have a property that has limited access via sealed roads, so you need a trailer that can handle the bump and grind of off road driving. Taking a […]

Car Trailer Specs and Extras

When you’re thinking of buying a car trailer you want to consider the types of specs and extras that you’ll get with your purchase. There are a wide number of factors you should consider before buying a car trailer and we look at a few of these here. Car Trailer Specs – considerations for the […]

Best Trailers from Hans in Australia

Get the Best Trailers from Hans in Australia. Why? Because you can custom make your own trailer so it’s perfect for you. Benefits of Hans Trailers Our trailers can be designed to meet your business needs You have a choice of size, draw bar, axle, wheel & tyre Made from Pre- Galvanised material and Zinc Plated components ensure low maintenance & […]

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