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Best Car Trailers from Hans in Australia

Buying a car trailer is not easy as there are a lot of considerations. Do you know the size of trailer you need, what about the trailer weight class, what is your budget and is it going to get you what you need?

Are you looking for a used or new trailer? Or do you actually need a custom designed trailer?  The best car trailers are usually custom designed to be exactly what you need.

Avoid these Car Trailer traps

  • Get the proper paperwork. You need to get a title even for a custom made trailer or you risk police investigation for theft.
  • Actually, see the trailer if it is a used trailer before you hand over any money
  • Cheap trailers may appear like a bargain but if it does not meet your needs it is a waste of money.
  • Cost of travel and time and possible legal issues mean that it is usually better to buy local than from across the country

Getting the Best Car Trailer for you

  • Check the weight class – this includes weight of trailer, weight of what can go on the trailer and can your car haul it the trailer as it needs to weigh more than the trailer and cargo
  • Check the tow ball to see if it is frame mounted or bumper mounted and if it can manage the weight of your trailer
  • Intended use of the trailer – a car trailer is only for hauling cars. Other trailers may not be suitable for this.
  • Budget restrictions – make sure you research the type of trailer you need and then get the one you need within your budget

Buying a car trailer is confusing the 1st time round. Going for a cheap and easy choice may cost you money in the long run. So check paperwork, see photos or inspect in person, for legal and pick up reasons look locally.

In general car trailers would ideally be under 1,600 kg and not more than 3,500 kg when the car is on it if you want to drive with it and have a class B drivers license.

Contact us for a quote on a custom made car trailer.

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