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Tradies or Builders Trailers – Why your business needs one

Tradesman trailers aren’t just for the local market, although they do a great job transporting and displaying multiple products, turning an allotment hobby into a mobile farm shop.

The affordable solution for thousands of businesses

Enclosed trailers or tradesman trailers fit most businesses looking to expand into more distant markets. They work for startups – a prototype premises to help iron out challenges before settling at the right location. They excel when used for catering services – the ideal way to bring a dish or a menu to a location far from the fixed site of a restaurant or café. In the commercial world, tradies trailers don’t just transport goods to different trade shows, they can be fitted to display them, or updated to include screens and music systems. Think of tradesmen trailers for dog-grooming or dog-walking services, mobile welding and event bars, corporate mobile advertising, mobile libraries, gardening services, charity collections, selfie cubicles and, of course, traditional storage containers for mobile businesses.

Hans Trailers has been supplying standard and customised tradesman trailers for decades. Our products are durable and manufactured according to VSB1 and ADR standards. Like to think out of the (trailer) box? Contact us today and let us share and create your vision!

No business is the same – no tradesman trailer needs to be the same

Tradesman trailers respect the adage that no business is alike. This is why a great many are produced as fully customised spontaneous solutions to static offices and businesses according to product and business type. Enclosed trailers are lockable, durable and weather-proof, too. You can add multimedia, catering equipment, electrical points, fancy lighting. The ideal solution for businesses on the go.

Tradies Trailers: Functional. Or creative. Or both.

A trade trailer has a basic function – mobile storage. By constructing it to fit the tools of a trade, it fulfills that function perfectly. But there’s so much more a tradesman trailer can do.

Not only is a high-quality and customised trailer low-cost in comparison with commercial space rental or storage facilities, it is small and therefore cheap and simple to decorate in the colours and logos of your company brand. An enclosed trailer allows for a flash of creativity and humour. It offers you the opportunity to be spontaneous. Nice weather? Take the shop to the beach. Raining? Drive your leftover umbrella stock to the undercover market.

But there’s something more. Tradesman trailers bring the salesperson so much closer to the customer; a brightly decorated mobile storefront always gives off a friendly, personal vibe. It is popular at every marketplace, festival, beach, Main Street or farm show for a reason. It is charming. An integral part of your sales team.

Decorate at will, or leave as is for a no-frills dependable, mobile transportation and storage solution.

Looking for a high-quality, Australian-made tradesman trailer? Hans Trailers have 40 years experience in trailer supply, delivering durable standard and customised products to highly satisfied customers country-wide. Contact us for more information today!

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