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Buying a Car Trailer: This is What You Need to Know About the Laws in Queensland

When buying a car trailer there are a number of things to consider. While specifications such as payload, suspension, wheels and tires etc. are extremely important, these specific questions are best answered by a dealer, who can make recommendations based on the vehicle you intend to tow, the terrain involved and the vehicle you intend on using to tow your car trailer.

There are however a few common questions that apply to everyone who is buying a car trailer and we have listed these below. The following advice relates specifically to Queensland, so to be safe you should confirm with your local transport department before operating a car trailer.

Do I need to get registration for my Car Trailer?

If you live in Queensland, you certainly do – however, if your car trailers ATM (aggregate trailer mass) is under 4.5 tonne you no longer need to display a registration certificate.

There are a number of requirements you must also meet to ensure smooth registration of your car trailer, such as obtaining a Safety Certificate (if buying second-hand). If your trailer is second hand you may be able to complete a self-assessment if your ATM is less than 750kg. If buying new you won’t need to get a safety certificate.

Do I need a special license for a car trailer?

As long as the maximum GVM (gross vehicle mass) is less than 4.5 tonne you should generally be able to drive a vehicle with a car trailer attached, on a standard ‘C’ license. The important thing to note is that you comply with the tow vehicles towing restrictions, as stipulated by the vehicle manufacturer.

You should not exceed the lesser of the vehicles towbar rating or the manufacturers recommended maximum trailer towing mass.

Can I use a Car Trailer on an Automatic Vehicle?

This is generally a matter of choice, with today’s modern auto’s you should be able to tow a car trailer much like you would with a manual. It really comes down to car specifics – i.e. your vehicle manufacturer will stipulate tow loads specific to your vehicle.

When Buying a Car trailer can I get it modified?

You sure can. Depending on what you plan to be towing on your car trailer you are able to make specifications specific to your vehicle needs. This really comes down to personal preference and the performance of your trailer. For example you may need to improve the ATM so you could consider modifications that would achieve this.

Have questions about buying a Car Trailer?

At HANS we are specialist car trailer manufacturers and can provide specific advice to you, based on what you need. Contact us or give us a call on 1300 511 447 for specific questions.

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