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Best Trailers from Hans in Australia

Get the Best Trailers from Hans in Australia.


Because you can custom make your own trailer so it’s perfect for you.

Benefits of Hans Trailers

  1. Our trailers can be designed to meet your business needs
  2. You have a choice of size, draw bar, axle, wheel & tyre
  3. Made from Pre- Galvanised material and Zinc Plated components ensure low maintenance & a longer trailer life. Avoid the hassle or flaking and chipped paintwork.
  4. All our trailers come with a 12-month component warranty.

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To get the Best Plant Trailers

The key points to check:

  •  Make sure usable deck space is enough
  • Long, adjustable rear loading ramps.
  •  Make sure you won’t exceed the GVM carrying capacity limits.
  • Do you need LED lights?
  • Check the length of the draw bar

To get the Best Tipper Trailers

These are key points you should check:

  • Tandem axes for extra heavy loads
  • Check lifting capacity to make sure it’s enough
  • Is a remote hand controller needed
  • Check the length of the draw bar
  • Accessories such as cages, lids, ladder racks and spare wheels – check if they come with the trailer.

To get the Best car TRAILERS

  • Check the weight class
  • Check the tow ball is frame mounted or bumper mounted
  • Check tow ball can manage the weight of your trailer
  • What is the intended use of the trailer – a car trailer is only for hauling cars.

To get the Best Tradesman Trailer

At HANS, all our tradesman trailers are made with only the best materials. This includes the galvanised steel body and top sections, as well as tailgate, draw bar, and smaller details such as LED lights and mudguards.

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