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How To Choose the Right Trailer For You: Consider Your Vehicle, Your Purpose, and Your Load

There are a wide range of trailers available and each of the different types of trailers serve a different purpose. When it comes buying a trailer there are a number of considerations, such as what you want to put on your trailer, the type of vehicle you have for towing and how much you are looking to load up.

To make things easy, we have listed a few different trailer types and outlined who these trailers are suited for and for what purpose.

Box Trailer

Off Road Box TrailerIf you’re buying a trailer for around the home these little guys are hard to go past. As your everyday domestic helper they are probably the most common trailer you’ll find around the family home. Box Trailers are relatively light compared to some of their cousins and as such can be attached to a much wider range of vehicles. Most people use these trailers for trips to the tip, collecting materials from the hardware store or packing extra equipment for a camping trip. ATM (Aggregated Trailer Mass) on these trailers can range from 500Kg-1,250Kg, depending on the trailer and the vehicle towing it.

Tandem Trailer

If a Box Trailer is a domestic helper the Tandem Trailer is the workhorse for light commercial and farming use. These guys can be rated as high as 4,500 ATM. Given the loads these trailers can handle you will need a bigger vehicle to get these trailers from place to place. These are used more often for larger payloads, but you can also put larger pieces of equipment in the back, such as fencing, cattle crushes, farm equipment etc.

Bike and Car Trailers

As the name suggests, you can get Buying a trailer - Bike trailertrailers designed specifically for your car or bike. When you’re buying a trailer specifically for transporting your bike or car these trailers are worth considering. Firstly, a properly designed bike trailer or car trailer should come with an on ramp for easy loading. Secondly a bike trailer will have wheel channels and multiple tie down point to secure the bike.  Car trailers can be customised to meet your vehicles specifications. These trailers come in a range of 2,000-4,500 ATM. Like Bike trailers you want to ensure your car can easily be loaded with a ramp and secured at multiple points.

Tradesman Trailer

These trailers are designed specifically with tradies in mind. Tradesman trailers allow you to store all of your tools in a secure and organised manner, as well as allow for room for materials on top. These trailers will need a larger vehicle and have a range of 750-1,250 ATM. Commonly a Tradesman Trailer will be fitted with the intention of keeping tools on the trailer, however the tops to most tradesman trailers should be able to come off.

Other Trailers

There are a number of other trailer types available, such as Flat Top TrailersTipper Trailers or Plant trailers, however these trailers are more suited to farms and movement of commercial equipment.

Buying a Trailer

When you’re looking for a new trailer you need to know what you want to use it for – then you should check with your manufacturer, to see whether the trailer can be fitted to your current vehicle. If you have any questions about trailers, you can have a look at the trailers HANS specifically make and then feel free to give us a call to discuss any custom options you need.

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