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Car Trailer Specs and Extras

When you’re thinking of buying a car trailer you want to consider the types of specs and extras that you’ll get with your purchase. There are a wide number of factors you should consider before buying a car trailer and we look at a few of these here.

Car Trailer Specs – considerations for the right Trailer

First up you need to decide what type of vehicle you’ll be loading onto your car trailer. Is it a 4WD, is it a racing vehicle or is it a classic you will be towing from car show to car show.

Trailer Load

The type of vehicle you’ll be loading will have the most obvious impact on the specs of your car trailer. For example, a 4WD is generally a lot heavier than a classic, so you’ll need to consider towing loads as well as the best brake set-up.

Trailer Height

If you’re looking at a racing vehicle, you’re probably going to have a low ground clearance, so you need to ensure you can safely load your vehicle onto the trailer, without scraping the bottom of your vehicle. This can be managed with a tilting floor and drop legs.

Working on Your Vehicle

Some car trailers allow you to access underneath your vehicle when it is stored on the trailer. This can be beneficial for those who are looking to work on their racing vehicle away from home or to make repairs on a classic.

Car Trailer Extras

There are a number of modifications that can be made to your car trailer so that it meets your needs.  A few of these include;

  • Electric brake controllers
  • Upright spare holder
  • Winch
  • Choosing New or Used wheels and tyres
  • Having an open or closed flooring
  • Fold away loading ramps
  • Space for your spare tyre built into the trailer floor

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