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Tips for Buying Off Road Box Trailers

You might be looking at purchasing a box trailer, with the specific intention of going off road. You might be using it for camping or you may have a property that has limited access via sealed roads, so you need a trailer that can handle the bump and grind of off road driving.

Taking a trailer off road shouldn’t be a daunting process but there are a number of things to consider and we have a look at these.

Tips for Buying Off Road Box Trailers

Side Height

Without the smooth ride of tarmac, your load is going to be subject to a lot more movement. To avoid anything falling out, you are going to want to ensure you have adequate sides, that are high enough they both reduce the chance of your load being lost, as well as protecting the loads from outside forces, i.e. tree branches and dirt.

Heavy Duty Axle

While a standard axle will be sufficient for tarmac and sealed roads, the rigours of going off road places a lot of strain on a trailer axle. Given this, an off road box trailer needs to have a heavy duty axle. A standard axle is at risk of breaking and who wants to be stranded, off road, with a trailer load of equipment and a broken trailer.


Wheels play an important role when going off road. In order to ensure you are able to clear bumps and other hurdles you may come across off road, it is best to opt for larger wheels. Larger wheels ensure the base of your box trailer is raised and is less likely to scrape the terrain, increasing the longevity of your trailer, as well as reducing the chance of an accident while off road.

Shackle Springs

Shackle Springs are beneficial to have on an off road trailer as they allow for appropriate weight distribution of the load. Further, they tend to be easy to replace over the lifetime of the trailer, when compared to other options.

Pre-Galvanised Metal Plating

If you’re going off road the assumption is your trailer is going to be subjected to a terrain that can potentially scratch and damage your trailer. For this reason, a galvanised frame can protect your trailer from trees/rocks etc. and reduce the chance of being damaged, resulting in rust. Comparatively a painted trailer, when scratched or bumped, will have the potential to rust, as the protective layer of paint has been removed.

LED Lighting

With off road driving comes dust, dirt and damage. Having low maintenance lights such as LED lights ensures you do not have to continually get lights replaced, meaning less time in the shop and more time off road.

Going Off Road

Ensuring your equipment is suited for the terrain is the best way to ensure you get plenty of life out of your equipment. Further, off road driving can be perilous if the proper precautions are not taken.

If you’re looking to get an off road box trailer, get in contact with us and we’d be happy to help. We custom build trailers as well as offer a wide range of trailers that are suited for off road driving.

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