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Flat-Top Trailers – The trailers buyer’s guide

Which flat-top trailer is right for me?

Flat top trailers are aptly named. These trailer types have a flat, completely useable deck space which isn’t hindered by wheel or axle space. When considering the right flat top trailer, it’s good to think about the options.


What exactly are you going to be transporting? And how heavy will this be? Most flat top trailer decks are between 1850mm and 2480mm wide, and 2400mm to 4800mm in length. If your site has narrow access, you’ll be better off with a narrow model. It’s frustrating to find this out after your trailer has been delivered.

Trailer deck, racks and sides

Looking for something that offers a little more support? Or want to be able to get the load off the trailer with the minimum of hassle? Options like removable drop sides, headboards or rear racks give you the best of both worlds. Hans Trailers supplies all three types in their flat-top trailer range.

Depending on what type of loads you want to transport with your flat top trailer, it’s worth looking into the type and thickness of the deck material. Heavy duty pre-galvanised steel decks work best for heavy loads, while the same material in a thinner checker-plate form is the lighter-weight alternative.


A fully grown male elephant weighs in at around 6 tonnes, but might be a little big for a trailer. Alternatively, two thousand 50kg bags of dry cement will add a tonne of pressure to the suspension. For a heavy-duty trailer with 4,400 kg suspension, that’s a lot of cement. Even then, it’s best to round up rather than down; more suspension makes up for uneven roads and bush tracks.

The right brake system and tyres

Once you’ve thought about the loads you’ll be transporting, it’s time to think about the brakes. Small mechanical override brakes are good for lighter loads, but heavier loads will be safer with a larger electrical system. Similarly, agricultural and construction sectors should opt for larger 4×4 tyres. At Hans Trailers, we supply electrical and mechanical braking systems to suit your loads. Browse through our selection today!

Efficient load transportation on any site

Trailers can potentially make things simpler, especially when loads are easy to access. This is why the flat-top is so popular. But it’s always worth looking at the options before signing on the dotted line. By using the above information, you can make sure your loads get from A to B, hassle-free.

Looking for a high-quality, Australian-made flat-top trailer? Hans Trailers have 50 years experience in trailer supply, delivering durable standard and customised products to highly satisfied customers country-wide. Contact us for more information today!

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